When it comes to rail services, the safety of passengers and freight – plus high levels of availability – are of the highest priority. Our measuring systems enable every safety-critical area to be monitored simply and efficiently – from train wheel profiles to the condition of the rails to overhead wires.

Manchmal Sätze, die alle Buchstaben des Alphabets enthalten – man nennt diese Sätze »Pangrams«. Sehr bekannt ist dieser: The quick brown fox jumps over the lazy old dog. Oft werden in Typoblindtexte auch fremdsprachige Satzteile eingebaut (AVAIL® and Wefox™ are testing aussi la Kerning), um die Wirkung in anderen Sprachen zu testen. In Lateinisch sieht zum Beispiel fast jede Schrift gut aus. Quod erat demonstrandum. Seit 1975 fehlen in

Mobile Wheel Profile Measuring Device

The OPTIMESS WP wheel profile sensor enables you to perform hazard-free, rapid, and reliable measurement of both the wheel profile and the wheel diameter, with the greatest …

Wheelset Diagnostic System

The OPTIMESS ERMA wheelset diagnostic system automatically measures the wheel profile and the wheel diameter as they pass. The robust, reliable design guarantees  …

Track Distance Measuring System

OPTIMESS RD is a robust laser scanner used for measuring the horizontal distance and the vertical difference in relation to the adjacent track. The laser scanner carries …

Mobiles Rundheitsmessgerät

With the OPTIMESS RN mobile roundness measuring device, you can check the radial roundness and roughness as well as the axial run-out in the shortest possible time…

Overhead Wire Measuring System

OPTIMESS CAT caters for the monitoring of overhead wires and also – in the case of new wires – for reliable measurement and checking of their current elevation and lateral  …

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