Mobile Wheel Profile Measuring Device

The OPTIMESS WP wheel profile sensor enables you to perform hazard-free, rapid, and reliable measurement of both the wheel profile and the wheel diameter, with the greatest degree of precision. The profile is sampled in a contact-free manner, by means of a laser.

OPTIMESS WP with Tablet

The various parameters are calculated and displayed on the tablet, automatically. The data can then be exported in a variety of formats. Wireless communication between sensor and tablet permit optimum freedom of movement. One button operation ensures simple, intuitive operator guidance. The latest battery technology and sophisticated energy management mean up to 700 measurements can be made per charge.

Modern measurement software

Thank to this mobility and the compact design, measurements can even be taken in restricted spaces, without any problem. Acquisition and evaluation of the data is accomplished using modern measurement software, permitting simple, open-ended configuration of an unlimited number of wheel types and train types. The measured values are available immediately after measurements have been taken and are illustrated using colours that correspond to previously-defined tolerances, thus ensuring the measurements can be checked immediately.



Equivalent conicity

Software module for the calculation of equivalent conicity according to DIN EN 15302 and UIC 519 respectively. The rail profile, inclination and distance can be selected freely and stored as a type of track. Data are calculated and displayed, and tolerances are monitored online.

Wheel flange distance Ar measurement module

The compact measurement module is integrated in the wheel profile sensor. The electronic tape measures the distance between the two plane surfaces of the wheels.

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