Laser Measurement Technology

As an expert partner, ELAG provides high-precision, contact-free measurement technology for the rail industry, the automobile industry, infrastructure and for industry. From individual sensors to bespoke end-to-end solutions, our sensor-technology specialists stand ready to assist you, whatever the challenge.

Laser Triangulation Sensor

OPTIMESS 1D optoelectronic laser sensors cater for contact-free distance measurement. Thanks to the very large palette of measuring ranges, from 4 millimetres to 2 metres, temperature ranges of -40 to 70°C, and …

Laser Scan

Put simply, the OPTIMESS SCAN Series high-performance scanner is based on phase-based measurement of a beamed laser. It is a world leader in the realm of measuring rates and measuring accuracy.

Light Section Sensor

As with OPTIMESS 1D, the robust OPTIMESS 2D light section sensor is based on the triangulation principle. In contrast to its one-dimensional counterpart, this can be used to measure not just distances, but …

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