Laser Scan

Put simply, the OPTIMESS SCAN Series high-performance scanner is based on phase-based measurement of a beamed laser. It is a world leader in the realm of measuring rates and measuring accuracy.

Alle ELAG Laufzeitscanner besitzen einen rotierenden Umlenkspiegel, womit eine komplette Profilmessung ermöglicht wird. Ob eine Abstandsmessung zum Nachbargleis, die Positionsmessung eines Fahrdrahtes oder eine Freiraumprofilmessung, der hochgenaue und robuste Scanner liefert immer zuverlässige Resultate – und das selbst unter widrigsten Bedingungen wie Kälte, Regen oder Schneefall.

Phase-based time-of-flight measurement

All ELAG time-of-flight scanners possess a rotating deflection mirror that affords complete profile measurement.

Reliable results – even under severe adverse conditions

Whether it be measurement of the distance to the adjacent rail, gauging the position of overhead wires, or open-space profile measurements, the highly-precise, robust scanner always produces reliable results – even under severe adverse conditions, such as cold, rain, or snowfall.

«OPTIMESS SCAN Series – It is a world leader in the realm of measuring rates and measuring accuracy»

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