Distance monitoring from a safe distance – the OPTIMESS RD always has the adjacent rail in sight.

Distance monitoring also possible from a greater distance

It can be mounted directly on the bogie. The large measurement range (up to 6 metres) enables distance monitoring even from a greater distance and outside the danger zone.
Thanks to the large temperature range (-20 to 50 °C) and integrated condensation protection, safe measurements can be carried out even in wintry conditions.

For renovations and laying new tracks – OPTIMESS RD

OPTIMESS RD can be used for laying new tracks as well as for renovating existing railway infrastructure (for example renewing the track bed). Customised operating and display units as well as software extensions are also available on request.

Technical Data

Typical measurement object
Adjacent rail
Field of view
Field of view Alignment
-60 b... +19° (diagonally downwards)
Max. Measuring rate
1 MHz
Scan rate
10 ... 100 Hz
Measurement range
0.5 ... 10m
Measurement uncertainty
0.4 mm **
±4 mm ***
Angular resolution
Angular accuracy
300 x 220 x 80 mm
7.2 kg

*1 sigma value at 5m measuring distance, target white (80%), measuring rate 200 kHz

**In the measurement range 0.5 … 5 m, above ±10 mm

Wheel set measuring stands

«The robust OPTIMESS RD is used to measure the horizontal distance and the height difference to the neighbouring track.»

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