Roundness measuring device OPTIMESS RN

With the roundness measuring device OPTIMESS RN, the roundness and diameter of the wheel can be determined with the highest precision. The roundness is measured without contact on the lifted wheel by means of a laser. A roller applied to the wheel simultaneously determines the wheel diameter via the circumference.

The measurement results are transmitted wirelessly to the control tablet, calculated and displayed. The measuring procedure and the wheel and train types are freely configurable.


  • Highest precision in wheel roundness measurement for trains, trams and undergrounds
  • Measurement of roundness and roughness
  • Flatness measurement on the inside of the wheel
  • Fast measurement of all characteristics with only one wheel rotation
  • Simple, software-guided alignment of the device
  • Wireless connection between device and tablet
  • Contactless laser measurement for roundness and roughness
  • Long battery life, for up to 300 measurements


The measuring programme of the roundness measuring device OPTIMESS RN allows the quick and easy measurement of individual wheels, axles or an entire rail vehicle. All measurement data is available online during the measurement. The software guides you through the measurement, from positioning the device to evaluation. The wireless connection to the robust tablet and the graphic display of the measurement round off the OPTIMESS RN.

The measurement data can be exported in various data formats (Excel, CSV, XML) and thus integrated into your system.

Technical data

Wheel diameter
Radial resolution
1 µm
Axial resolution
1 µm
Wheel circumference resolution
20 µm
Circumferential step size
± 2 µm
Diameter precision
± 0.1 mm
Diameter Resolution
13 µm
Measuring time
Scan ~10 sec. total ~2 min.
Battery life
Up to 300 measurements
Battery charging time
90% in 60min
Temperature range
-15°C to 40°C
3.75 kg
335 x 182 x 210 mm
OPTIMESS RN - roundness measuring device


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